This weekend Kirkstall Brewery in Leeds hosted the Great Exhibition of Prize Ales. I had the pleasure of finding myself with time off and bought a ticket to head over and enjoy some of the fine ales.

Some fine breweries took the time to setup and came along with some fabulous ale. Our good friends at Beer Nouveau hosting their bar for the first time at a festival. Good to see that they got back into the flow of things having not been working on a bar for many months.

So some special mentions might be in order – Howling Hops: Thanks, Whoever You Were. This being a deliciously drinkable and strong Barleywine. Finished in some Suntory whisky barrels. This immediately had to be tried as anyone who knows me will know I have a weak spot for all Japanese Whisky. It worked spectacularly. Thus it was easily my top ale of the day.

Red Willow came with their team looking like grand olde pub landlords with top hats and tweed style waistcoats and suspenders to complete the look. They definitely are worthy of a shout out for the historical look to the attire to complete the effect for the theme.

Obviously as is usually the case, a nice little branded glass can serve as a souvenir of the event. Hopefully this will be an event that returns next year for another visit.






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