Award Winning Eisbok

Recently I was present as an entry to a Home Brew Competition at my local Brewery. The home brew club of Manchester invited groups from around the North to come along and present their finest styles to everyone for judging.

Me and my better half had decided to try and get through some of our bottles as well so we came loaded with probably way too much beer!

Our key entries was a repeat of a Scottish Wee Heavy I had sent to the National Home Brew competition previously which had been brewed originally for Manchester Home Brew club as a how strong can you brew without adjuncts. For us that meant upgrading my home brew kit, as lovely as the Grainfather G30 might be, there are limits to how far it can be abused.

The results of the Wee Heavy had came back from the National Home Brew competition as Good (37/50) with the main points of concern being the strength (It was after all in the region of about 11% so perhaps we invented a new style there – Imperial Wee Heavy?) Given the feedback from it, and indeed those in Manchester that have been fortunate enough to have a sample of it. I decided if the main flaw (although I do like some big hitters personally!) was the ABV, then surely chop the grain bill in half and get it down in strength.

So that was my main entry to the Home Brew Competition this month.

But I brought along with me a bunch of other things:

  • Pumpkin Pale Ale (2021)
  • Eisbok

The Eisbok was my first beer I let lose on the unsuspecting people of the Home Brew group. This perhaps goes a long way to explaining our reputation of brewing silly strong stuff – it comes in at a delicious 9.13% ABV. So a half dozen bottles of it and the Pumpkin Pale Ale went on for the competition.

Naturally I started on my Wee Heavy and then went wandering to see what other people had on at the various clubs that had ventured over to see us. After a few occasions of people shouting for me to come over and explain some of the ones we had on and before long I had pretty much forgot about the bottles sitting there. It wasnt untill closer to the end I even got around to having some from my own bottles.

The Results

We had some fabulous beers on from all the entries that were around. With Sheffield taking the top spot for both the public vote and the professional judges.

To my surprise given the standard of beers t hat were brough I was caught completely unsuspecting it that my Eisbok managed to come in and grab a lovely silver medal for the public vote.






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