Leffe Brewery Day Trip

Panda with two glasses of Leffe Beer one on each side of him.

In our trip to Belgium we took the day trip from Antwerp all the way down to Dinant in the south to visit the well known Leffe Masion.

Dinant is a lovely city on the meuse river and Masion Leffe sits on a hill side overviewing the river and the center of the city. A short trip from the station up a hill brings one to the front door. Creeking open the old style doors we are presented with a short narrow corridor leading to the reception – they offer hotel services on site as well as the brewery museum tour.

The tour is an interactive multimedia display containing audio, visual and smell elements. A number of videos present different aspects of the brewing process that the monks have undertaken, and the history of the monastry over the centuries.

Main hall of the museum

During the audio it became a point of interest about the french and dutch pronounciation of the name, Leffe (Leffa). A number of artifacts were on display including a old style colour wheel to establish the official colour coding for the beers.

Colour Wheel used to establish what colour a beer is.

Following on from the museum was naturally the opportunity to taste some beer at the bar. This gave us the opportunity to try out a number of Leffe beers which we do not typically gain easy access to back home.






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